Historical Portuguese Barrels

Tasmanian Cask Company has received its first Portuguese Port Pipe barrels. As part of a full container load of barrels just received from Portugal we received some traditional 70 year old Port Pipe barrels. Porto is the home of port wine, and the 500L barrel known as the Port Pipe, for its distinct shape, is the traditional barrel of the region. In more recent years the more common 225 Bordeaux or 228L Burgundy shaped barrels have become the standard barrel in most Quinta’s making the traditional Port Pipes increasing reserved for only the top Late Bottle Vintage Ports. In our first full container we imported mostly broken down 225L Tawny port barrel sets and initially wanted the Port Pipes supplied in the same format to allow us to re-cooper them when they arrived. Such is the importance of these historic barrels that the supplier would only sell them if we ensured they remained intact. Whilst availability is limited, we are able to provide ongoing supply through our strong relationships in Portugal.