Leaving Nothing to Waste

Tasmanian Cask Company is now producing more than 60 barrels per week at the Bridgewater cooperage. As we continue to increase production to meet the growing demands of the spirit industry we are also generating increasing amounts of waste offcuts and sawdust in the process. French and American Oak as a natural product is grown and harvested sustainably creating a valuable and precious recourse. Tasmanian Cask Company has worked to establish supply relationships with several businesses to utilise the waste from our process to maximise our own sustainability and to keep our barrel and coopering costs to our distilling customers as low as possible.
  • Still Spirits – Small blocks are produced from offcuts and supplied to Still Spirits for the Home distillers.
  • Recycling Technologies Group – Small irregular sized offcuts and dust is collected and supplied to make pellets for pellet heaters and for the new Pellet Grill BBQ market.
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